Web Design and Modern Technology

With modern technology, you can make your website look fantastic with all of the latest plugins, JavaScript, flashing logos etc….  But, if the basic goal of your website is to advertise your product and service, then these add-ons might actually be hurting you, rather than impressing your viewers.  A basic, streamlined and easy to navigate site is much more impressive to your viewers. For example, all of your sub pages should be easily reached from your home page.  If you have three layers of pages, then the third layer (perhaps an order form) should be simply reached on the second Continue reading

Groomingdales Saves Lost Cat!

Click here to read the Island Packet’s Article online. The hot and muggy morning of July 10th started like most of my mornings during the work week. I set out to my office at Randy May Electric on Hunter Road. This day, I’d be taking my beloved cat, Mr. Orange to the groomer next door. As I pulled the cat carrier out of the car, the carrier broke, allowing Mr. Orange to run free. Being an indoor cat, his first instinct was fear, and he darted for a nearby drain pipe. I enlisted in the help of some coworkers and Continue reading

Brand Management

Brand Management – Building a Better YOU Brand reinforcement and cross-marketing are essential in business; particularly in the business-to-customer (B2C) sector. Marketing Solutions HHI has the ability to help you maximize your end-dollar potential through a creative blend of marketing. Branding is not only about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see YOU as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. A good brand delivers the message clearly while confirming your credibility to your audience. Branding connects to your target prospects emotionally while motivating the Continue reading

The Trifecta of Internet Marketing

What you need to know about SEO

There are lots of pages out there that focus on specific channels to help with one element of internet marketing or another. The problem that most small businesses will find with these service providers is that their services are astronomical, even out of budget range. For the business that needs a boost, there’s a need to make sure that you’ve got three basics covered in terms of growing your online presence. Web Design No matter how much of a presence you have on social media, local listings, and other resources, you need to have some sort of culmination. Your website Continue reading

Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have a Website

Right now, someone needs your services. Right now, someone is looking online for your services. Right now, someone is finding your competition online. Right now, you’re losing valuable business opportunities. While newspaper and phone book advertising was once considered a valuable resource, the mediums by which people find us have changed drastically from less than 20 years ago. Today, the power of the world wide web has begun to take control of how people find us. But for the business that doesn’t have a web presence, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. If you’ve never had a website Continue reading

5 Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

Website Design Goals

Successful blogging drives qualified traffic to your website and helps establish you as an expert authority on subjects that are important to your clients. However, most blogs run into problems with a high bounce rates, meaning people that visit immediately leave, or that visitors aren’t converting into subscribers, leads or customers.These problems can be alleviated with some simple modifications to your blog posts that will make them more inviting for both new and returning visitors. 1. Write About Topics Relevant to Your Audience When you brainstorm your upcoming blog post topics make sure you cater to the needs of your Continue reading

3 Effective Ways To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

The idea of connecting your business to social media networks is one that has gained serious importance over the last year or two. Google has already announced that they do factor in social media interaction to organic ranking algorithms. Bing often feeds in social media postings within search results. For the business that wants to take advantage of this, the idea of jumping in seems to be the right one. But if you’re not being smart about it, you could find your efforts getting lost in the mix of your competitors. Here are 3 effective ways to make your social Continue reading

Think a Mobile Website Design Isn’t Important? Think Again

Mobile Search Devices

As of the end of 2013, there were more than 10 billion mobile phone users worldwide. By the time you finish reading this article, another 400 will be added to the list. Most of the business owners that come to us for help aren’t always looking for their first website, but wondering why they’re having trouble connecting with their target audience. It doesn’t take much research to realize that more than 80% of those who reach out to us have simply let their website and its ability to have an impact on their business and bottom line go to the Continue reading

The Rules of Marketing On Google

How Do I Get My Business To Page 1 of GOOGLE?

We love developing sites that really show off what a client can do. But Google’s search algorithm is almost that of human thought. “Never judge a book by its cover” are words that the search engine powerhouse almost lives by. We work with sliders, backgrounds, and colors to be appealing to the human eye. But when it comes to web design, and how we piece together websites, the work goes so much deeper than that. Google LOVES – Connecting To Your Community A lot of the businesses that we work with are local businesses, which has made us specialists when Continue reading

Thinking Mobile Friendly Website? Time to Be Responsive!

Mobile Website Design

Is your site a mobile friendly website? There’s endless lingo that gets tossed around the internet marketing world, and while it might be a bunch of jibberish to you, it makes complete sense to us. In our last post, we wrote about your site being mobile friendly. We got endless feedback with questions asking about what mobile devices sites would be friendly for. The answer in short is…all of them! Through CSS and HTML5, we’re proud to offer responsive website design. It’s not only mobile-friendly, but it’s tablet-friendly, desktop-friendly, and friendly for any resolution that you could possibly imagine. The Continue reading

Why Modern Web Design Matters

With consumers doing more internet research than ever before utilizing local businesses, modern web design has taken the forefront of marketing efforts for small businesses across the country. Unfortunately, a small business usually has limited resources to handle such a major undertaking. For that reason, several small business owners choose to push forward with their older designs in the hopes that their current organic rankings will keep the business afloat until such time that they have the necessary man power for redesign. This endless waiting game becomes a sinkhole for many businesses, not because your design is old, but because Continue reading

Improving Your Website With Add-ons

You may think that your website is looking better than ever. Even if your site is old, you may think that  you’ve got the best one in town. But did you know that there is always a way to improve your website? Add-ons are a great way to start! The need for people to be able to communicate with your business is crucial when it comes to your web page. If you’re not providing them with enough resources to contact you, then you’re missing out on potentially valuable business opportunities. While your address and phone number are certainly important, people Continue reading

Marketing Communications

Marketing on a Budget

What we do BEST. Throughout the years, and our career paths, marketing has always played a major role in our lives. It’s the unavoidable inner-drive that says, “How can we make it bigger and better, and how can we create an identity and bring it to life?” We do not think success is the key to happiness, but rather happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. At Marketing Solutions HHI, we are proud to invest over 20 years of experience and our love for marketing into each of our client’s Continue reading

Small Business Marketing and Your Budget

Small businesses clearly don’t have the capital to work with like large businesses. At the same time, there are those small business owners that realize the value that internet marketing can have on their bottom line. Ask any small business owner whether or not he’d invest in online marketing tactics and they’ll most likely give you the answer, “If it makes me money, I’ll invest in anything.” So for those that are slow to get on the online bandwagon, consider this: while you’re keeping your money in your pocket, your competition is driving more business to their bottom line than Continue reading

Brand your Business! Give Your Logo a Holiday

Brand Your Business! Don’t Be Afraid To Change With The Seasons There was a time when a company’s logo was a sacred thing, never to be altered or played around with – and certainly not several times a year. Yet as tablets and Smartphones continue to change the paradigm of how people interact with businesses, those old rules of familiarity aren’t quite as cut and dry. If Google has taught us anything, it’s that a company’s logo – no matter how iconic – can be manipulated without necessarily detracting from the brand. The search engine giant now employs an entire Continue reading

Marketing Problem Solvers

At Marketing Solutions, Hilton Head, we specialize in helping businesses develop and refine their brand message and identity in order to increase sales results. After all, it’s about telling a good story, having consumers relate, and making a sale. We will help you develop a successful brand using our creative/design processes, audience targeting, and campaign measurement. We routinely receive calls from prospective clients who already have existing marketing efforts, but looking for additional advice in pushing that product or service forward. Other clients may simply be seeking the feasibility research to determine the direction of the project or campaign. Our Continue reading

Why Did Twitter Succeed?

What made Dorsey’s idea stand out where others fizzled? Twitter is the latest and greatest short and simple way to share information about your business with the world! Tweet #MarketingHHI for more information! In the ocean that is hopeful internet startup companies, what is it that sets certain ideas apart and allows for phenomenal growth, sometimes virtually overnight? Does the idea really sell it, the approach, or simply the luck of the draw? While this success of Twitter may have seemed instant to users, it actually took founder Jack Dorsey years of trial-and-error during development, plus a lucky break that Continue reading

Why Blogging Matters – Google Likes Fresh Website Content!

It’s easy to leave your website be when you’re logging countless hours simply trying to keep your business afloat. However, in this day and age, a few keyword-friendly pages aren’t going to keep the traffic moving to your site. Blogs don’t need to be updated all day, every day, but you need to make sure that you’re able to keep the content on your website fresh, new and exciting every so often. Major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing, all use complex algorithms to determine where a site will rank organically. Part of that algorithm is the engagement that Continue reading