Understanding WordPress Heirarchy

In WordPress, pages are stitched together from different template files. Each template file represents another part of the page, and together they make up all of the content of your individual pages, pulled from the WordPress admin. However, which template file is actually selected is based on a fairly robust hierarchy, with a naming convention at it’s root. In this hierarchy, a default template is replaced by template files that are more specific. But this is probably best demonstrated by an example. Suppose a user visits the page “https://yoursite.com/author/paige”. First, WordPress will search for the template labeled author-paige.php. If that file doesn’t Continue reading

WordPress Videos – Embed YouTube Videos

YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool. It handles storing, encoding, compressing and playing videos so you don’t have to worry about compatibility across an ever-increasing number of browsers and devices. Adding YouTube videos to WordPress is fairly simple because of oEmbed support added in version 2.9. There are also plugins out there that can help you customize the look of your YouTube videos, organize them into galleries, and get the most out of media streaming on your site. In this article we’ll go over how to embed YouTube videos with WordPress out of the box, then move on to more Continue reading

Why Choose WordPress over Weebly

wordpress web design

WordPress vs Weebly: Customization Meets Drag-and-Drop We have many choices in today’s world of publishing platforms. Most platforms attempt to offer a wide variety of publishing features to meet many needs including websites, blogging, and eCommerce. WordPress is a popular choice for all three of these needs. But another choice is Weebly. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in getting both platforms off the ground, turn them into a blog, a website, and add eCommerce. We’ll discover their basic features as well as pros and cons along the way. WordPress WordPress is a publishing platform that allows you to Continue reading

Making The Leap And Figuring It Out As You Go

Hey, I’m Paige Duewel, a digital strategist that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring their ideas to life online…. I know, pretty vague, right? The thing is, web design is really only a small part of what I do, and it took me a few years to really understand what I was doing differently than other designers. Making The Leap I took the leap and became my own business owner. I knew if I was going to continue to push my career and skills to new heights, it was time to have more control and flexibility over my projects, Continue reading