How Email Marketing keeps the Conversation going at all times

Working as a real estate agent or broker is all about your network and how well you can attain and maintain relationships. Since you can only plan so many real-life coffee meetups in one day, a lot of conversations will happen online. Email marketing makes this easy.

Real Estate email marketing by Paige Duewel, Marketing Solutions HHI

Signup forms automatically collect new leads, while automated emails start the conversation. You just need to jump in every now and then to check the engagement and see where people need additional information or help.

As for branding, your emails are your vehicle to having one-on-one conversations with new leads. With each email you send, you can show your personality and convince new subscribers that you’re the broker that’ll make their property dreams come true.

Sending the right emails will nurture the customer relationship and build trust. This can be achieved by segmenting contacts to create personalized content.

And finally, email marketing is known for its smart email automation possibilities. You can automate most of your standard emails, such as welcome emails, viewing follow-up messages or check-in emails for happy buyers.

How do I pick the right real estate email software?

With so many contacts, different properties and demanding clients to handle simultaneously, you want your best email tool to offer A) ways to organize your contact information, B) an easy-to-use email builder to design beautiful newsletters and C) automation.

For real estate agents, it’s also important to look for a tool that offers detailed segmentation possibilities. By segmenting your subscribers, you’re able to tag and group them together. With these groups, you can send personalized emails that perfectly fit the customer’s situation.

Examples of different subscriber groups:

  • Seller vs buyer
  • Property location or features
  • Budget
  • Renting vs buying
  • Family size

Targeted emails increase your sales and boost your credibility. Offering leads email content that’s actually valuable for them makes them trust and value your services.

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