Has Google Penguin 3.0 Update Impacted Your Search Results?

Google Pengquin - SEO

To understand what the Google Penguin 3.0 update is, and what it’s intended to destroy, we must first understand its purpose. The original Google Penguin update was launched by Google in April 2012 and was intended to target and catch websites that were deemed to be “spamming search results.” Specifically, the update was geared to find websites that were either buying links or gathering them through link networks to increase a website’s Google ranking. Google Penguin 3.0 is an algorithm update, the fifth of its kind. It’s a mathematically automated cycling system with rules, guidelines, principles and restrictions. It’s not Continue reading

Own Your Google Rankings and Local Search

The marketing industry is a tough one when it comes to traditional media methods. For years, large businesses have turned to online advertising as an affordable and trackable way to get their brand in front of customers. In the last five years, the biggest small businesses have taken the same route as advertising becomes less of a burden on the wallet. One of the great things that we’ve always loved about our clients is that their sites are successful. While we can’t help much when it comes to customer service (though most of the businesses we deal with do provide Continue reading

Local Business and Local Search is Everything

Local Search is Everything to a Business. It’s not a secret that people use their mobile phones to do all kinds of surfing. But when we separate the difference between those that use a mobile device for everyday browsing and those that use them for finding local businesses, the numbers are staggering. If you were to look at your Google Analytics (and you have a good SEO plan in place), you’ll probably find that about 20-25% of your visitors overall are mobile. However, for many local businesses, it becomes clear that nearly 90% of your users could be looking for Continue reading

What Is Bounce Rate, Is It Important, and How Do You Lower It?

It’s a phrase that all web owners are going to hear sooner or later. What exactly am I talking about? Bounce rate. Just about everyone has something say on the subject, but some information leaves people scratching their head. What is bounce rate really? How do I study it? Should I worry about lowering the bounce rate on my site(s)? These are all great questions that are worth finding and answer to. First things first, let’s talk about what this bounce rate thing is. What is Bounce Rate Anyway? Google defines Bounce Rate this way: Bounce Rate is the percentage Continue reading

The Rules of Marketing On Google

How Do I Get My Business To Page 1 of GOOGLE?

We love developing sites that really show off what a client can do. But Google’s search algorithm is almost that of human thought. “Never judge a book by its cover” are words that the search engine powerhouse almost lives by. We work with sliders, backgrounds, and colors to be appealing to the human eye. But when it comes to web design, and how we piece together websites, the work goes so much deeper than that. Google LOVES – Connecting To Your Community A lot of the businesses that we work with are local businesses, which has made us specialists when Continue reading