Stop Throwing Money Away! We offer Flat Fee Programs

Time and time again, we see that the world of small business owners is being taken advantage of. With lack of knowledge in the internet marketing industry and a desire to quickly pull in internet revenue streams, business owners jump at what seems to be a valuable opportunity to create a website. With empty promises of an easy to use interface and an affordable monthly fee, businesses are sucked in one by one and their marketing dollars are literally thrown down the drain. Sites like, wix, and others have strong SEO power, which allows them to show up for Continue reading

Web Design and Modern Technology

With modern technology, you can make your website look fantastic with all of the latest plugins, JavaScript, flashing logos etc….  But, if the basic goal of your website is to advertise your product and service, then these add-ons might actually be hurting you, rather than impressing your viewers.  A basic, streamlined and easy to navigate site is much more impressive to your viewers. For example, all of your sub pages should be easily reached from your home page.  If you have three layers of pages, then the third layer (perhaps an order form) should be simply reached on the second Continue reading

WordPress Web Design

You’ve probably seen countless pages that use WordPress for their website platform. The fact is that in an ever-changing world of technology, it’s easy for your older website to get lost among the millions out there that have decided to go with WordPress’ open-source technology for both designing and maintaining their website. There are several reasons behind the movement, and each business owner has their own insight. WordPress is User Friendly Unless you know code, it’s often difficult to edit files on the fly. With WordPress, designers and business owners alike have a platform that’s easy to navigate, while those Continue reading

Do you have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Do you know if your website is responsive? Can you access all of your website pages without having to “Pinch and Zoom”? Do you have a mobile friendly website design? By 2016, over 10 billion web surfers will be on a mobile device… Is your website ready? If you answered “No” or “I don’t know”… There’s endless lingo that gets tossed around the internet marketing world, and while it might be a bunch of jibberish to you, it makes complete sense to us. In our last post, we wrote about your site being mobile friendly. We got endless feedback with Continue reading

Think a Mobile Website Design Isn’t Important? Think Again

Mobile Search Devices

As of the end of 2013, there were more than 10 billion mobile phone users worldwide. By the time you finish reading this article, another 400 will be added to the list. Most of the business owners that come to us for help aren’t always looking for their first website, but wondering why they’re having trouble connecting with their target audience. It doesn’t take much research to realize that more than 80% of those who reach out to us have simply let their website and its ability to have an impact on their business and bottom line go to the Continue reading

What does it Cost to run a WordPress Website?

What’s The Real Cost Of Running A WordPress Site? WordPress is a free software content management system. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost involved. There are a lot of little costs that can add up to a lot. Costs such as domain, hosting, and so forth are obvious and expected, but what about those other costs? Costs that are not always considered upfront and can cause you to spend more than you intended? What about the time it takes to learn WordPress? What is the total cost of ownership; the true and complete cost of Continue reading

Thinking Mobile Friendly Website? Time to Be Responsive!

Mobile Website Design

Is your site a mobile friendly website? There’s endless lingo that gets tossed around the internet marketing world, and while it might be a bunch of jibberish to you, it makes complete sense to us. In our last post, we wrote about your site being mobile friendly. We got endless feedback with questions asking about what mobile devices sites would be friendly for. The answer in short is…all of them! Through CSS and HTML5, we’re proud to offer responsive website design. It’s not only mobile-friendly, but it’s tablet-friendly, desktop-friendly, and friendly for any resolution that you could possibly imagine. The Continue reading

Why are Websites So Important?

When searching to find a service or product, a majority of people begin and end their search online websites… Why? The internet offers easy access to an array of shared knowledge – the good, the bad, and everything in between. While most visitors stumble upon multiple websites before they decide “this is my choice,” converting a visitor to a customer is the goal. Adaptability is Key… Is your website Mobile Friendly? Do you have to “Pinch and Zoom”? Responsive websites are absolutely imperative. Having a website that can be pulled up on any device is so important; we made it Continue reading