Marketing On a Budget, Think ROI

Marketing on a Budget

Small businesses clearly don’t have the capital to work with like large businesses. At the same time, there are those small business owners that realize the value that internet marketing can have on their bottom line. Ask any small business owner whether or not he’d invest in online marketing tactics and they’ll most likely give you the answer, “If it makes me money, I’ll invest in anything.” So for those that are slow to get on the online bandwagon, consider this: while you’re keeping your money in your pocket, your competition is driving more business to their bottom line than Continue reading

4 Tips for Marketing Your Business during the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to get creative and bring additional revenue to your business with some holiday-inspired marketing. Here are 4 tips you can use right now to start capturing that extra seasonal revenue! Turn Your Product/Service Into the “Perfect Gift” If you want to make the most of seasonal spending turn your product or service into a gift with basic “perfect gift” messaging. Some examples: An hour consultation with a CPA would make the perfect gift for your friend that is thinking about opening a business. A manicure or pedicure makes the perfect gift for that new Continue reading

Does your website capture and convert?

Your website must capture your audience’s attention enough to entice them to buy your product or pay for your services. Today’s consumer uses more than 60% of online resources (ie: your website) to determine whether or not to buy a product or select a service. Every business (or person) has a story to tell about your drive, your passion, and what sets you apart from the rest. Your story is what connects you with customers. Your website not only need to give a great first impression, but must also tell your story on your website in a way that invites Continue reading

FRESH Website Content is a Must!

Google Wants Fresh Content

The brownies that you made last night taste so sweet in the morning! But brownies fresh out of the oven are even more heavenly! The same goes for website content. When you created the content and posted it on your website, the search engines salivated. Google just loves fresh content. Now you have a beautiful webpage that ranks highly. Then, while you turn your attention elsewhere, your competition writes fresh content and your website rankings fall. After a couple of weeks, the content Google once loved begins to taste stale.   What is the solution? Certainly remaking a website every month is not feasible. But Continue reading

Own Your Google Rankings and Local Search

The marketing industry is a tough one when it comes to traditional media methods. For years, large businesses have turned to online advertising as an affordable and trackable way to get their brand in front of customers. In the last five years, the biggest small businesses have taken the same route as advertising becomes less of a burden on the wallet. One of the great things that we’ve always loved about our clients is that their sites are successful. While we can’t help much when it comes to customer service (though most of the businesses we deal with do provide Continue reading

How Niche Marketing Can Help Your Business

The foundation of America is in the small business. The world is your oyster. Do those two statements sound grandiose and a bit overwhelming for your “little” small business? Well, yeah, they are. When marketing your business, think niche marketing. You don’t need the whole pie. You just need your slice of it. The tricky part is figuring out which slice you would like and then target those key words in all of your writing on your website. Each page on your site can target a different keyword or a couple of different key words. For example, the site Continue reading

The Trifecta of Internet Marketing

What you need to know about SEO

There are lots of pages out there that focus on specific channels to help with one element of internet marketing or another. The problem that most small businesses will find with these service providers is that their services are astronomical, even out of budget range. For the business that needs a boost, there’s a need to make sure that you’ve got three basics covered in terms of growing your online presence. Web Design No matter how much of a presence you have on social media, local listings, and other resources, you need to have some sort of culmination. Your website Continue reading

Keyword Targeting, Not a Strategy, an Art

We have no doubt in our minds that our clients think like several web surfers around the world. When it comes to keyword targeting, our thought is no different. It’s fairly easy to guess what keywords people are using to find businesses just like yours. However, what we’re concerned about when it comes to your business is finding the keywords that are actually going to drive revenue. To help demonstrate, we’re going to create a business called “Bob’s Plumbing”. Bob wants to make sure he attracts the right people to his page, and we’re out to make sure Bob does Continue reading

How to get on Top of Local SEO

Your website, unless restricted by you, is visible to people around the world. Google’s dozens, possibly hundreds, of search algorithm elements have come together to give you the chance for your site to rank for a variety of keywords, depending on your niche. It’s a sad truth that businesses that operate locally want to rank for terms that are far too generic to have an impact on their local business, which is what they thrive on. Local search has become a predominant player in the world of online marketing, and it can be an effective tool when properly utilized. A Continue reading

5 Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

Website Design Goals

Successful blogging drives qualified traffic to your website and helps establish you as an expert authority on subjects that are important to your clients. However, most blogs run into problems with a high bounce rates, meaning people that visit immediately leave, or that visitors aren’t converting into subscribers, leads or customers.These problems can be alleviated with some simple modifications to your blog posts that will make them more inviting for both new and returning visitors. 1. Write About Topics Relevant to Your Audience When you brainstorm your upcoming blog post topics make sure you cater to the needs of your Continue reading

Logos – Make an Impression

Marketing Solutions website design, social media marketing, Google, Bing

Marketing Solutions HHI can help breath life to project through branding, dynamic design, logos, and a multitude of marketing collateral. Marketing Solutions HHI delivers professional quality design with purpose. We work with designers and marketing professionals to bringing your message to life. Some our design work includes: logos, promotional materials, and web graphics. Creating a logo is the ultimate graphic design challenge. You have to express a company, a culture, a message and a philosophy and get it to look good in a space less than an inch across. A logo is the first impression people will get of a Continue reading

What you Need to Know about SEO

If you’re reading this, you probably have a website. If you have a website, chances are you have search engine optimization (SEO) questions — namely, what does it takes to improve your site’s visibility with major search engines? You’re not alone. After all, it can be a confusing, acronym-laden world out there. SEO is a big topic, but it doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Our team of experts created this handy guide to answer your questions about on-page SEO elements, once and for all. We’re talking about a breakdown of all the important stuff. Think it’s too Continue reading

The Rules of Marketing On Google

How Do I Get My Business To Page 1 of GOOGLE?

We love developing sites that really show off what a client can do. But Google’s search algorithm is almost that of human thought. “Never judge a book by its cover” are words that the search engine powerhouse almost lives by. We work with sliders, backgrounds, and colors to be appealing to the human eye. But when it comes to web design, and how we piece together websites, the work goes so much deeper than that. Google LOVES – Connecting To Your Community A lot of the businesses that we work with are local businesses, which has made us specialists when Continue reading

How to Rank for Local Search

While local search on major search engines has the power to make or break a business’ online efforts, it doesn’t have the same ranking factors as your usual website rankings. It’s easy for your ranking to change based upon several different elements that are often dependent on the user that is doing the searching. 1. Proximity on Local Search The biggest determining factor in your Google local search ranking is going to be your location in relation to the approximate location of the user. If you’re on the other side of town and your competition is right next door, you’ll Continue reading

Marketing Communications

Marketing on a Budget

What we do BEST. Throughout the years, and our career paths, marketing has always played a major role in our lives. It’s the unavoidable inner-drive that says, “How can we make it bigger and better, and how can we create an identity and bring it to life?” We do not think success is the key to happiness, but rather happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. At Marketing Solutions HHI, we are proud to invest over 20 years of experience and our love for marketing into each of our client’s Continue reading

Why Blogging Matters – Google Likes Fresh Website Content!

It’s easy to leave your website be when you’re logging countless hours simply trying to keep your business afloat. However, in this day and age, a few keyword-friendly pages aren’t going to keep the traffic moving to your site. Blogs don’t need to be updated all day, every day, but you need to make sure that you’re able to keep the content on your website fresh, new and exciting every so often. Major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing, all use complex algorithms to determine where a site will rank organically. Part of that algorithm is the engagement that Continue reading


Internet marketing isn’t something that you can just read about and get going. Well, you can, but what you’ll find is that you’ll focus on channels and use methods that aren’t considered best practices for your business. Every website functions differently, and the response from your users will reflect just how well your site and your business are performing online. It’s what you do with that response that most people don’t know about. Capitalizing on adjusting and optimizing your website performance is the biggest part of internet marketing, so you’ve got to make sure you have a solution that does Continue reading