A/B Testing Your Website

Website AB Testing

A/B Testing Your Website With WordPress: The What, Why, And How As most of you already know, a lot of time goes into planning and building a website. There is something rather exciting about taking that idea and then launching it into a viable site, but should your work stop there? Many, when venturing into the online world, do so with the intent of making money or driving leads on your site that turn into money. And even though good design and evergreen content is a major part of conversion, it can be easily stated that no website is perfect. Continue reading

Goal Setting for Website Designers

Website Design Goals

Running a business, even a web development business, without clear goals is like picking a direction and driving without knowing where you want to go. You can’t know if your destination is a good one or not – you just hope it is. You won’t even know when you get there. Obviously, it’s best to use a map and plan your destination. Setting clear and measurable goals is like having a roadmap that shows you the direction you should go. It helps you plan your trip and your destination. The Importance of Setting and Tracking Goals Goals have several benefits for Continue reading

You Need A Website Now

When searching to find a service or product, a majority of people begin and end their search online websites… Why? The internet offers easy access to an array of shared knowledge – the good, the bad, and everything in between. While most visitors stumble upon multiple websites before they decide “this is my choice,” converting a visitor to a customer is the goal. Adaptability is Key… Is your website Mobile Friendly? Do you have to “Pinch and Zoom”? Responsive websites are absolutely imperative. Having a website that can be pulled up on any device is so important; we made it Continue reading

Website Design Tips Essential for Small Business

A properly designed website can help a small online business reach unbelievable heights. It is essential for a concern to consider few important tips for optimizing the success level of a website about to be created or reassure them for an already existing one. Here are 5 website design tips essential for small business: 1. Images speak louder than words It must be taken in to consideration during making of a website that visuals are must haves instead of overloading the pages with unimportant text. Pictures can alone speak and express thousand times better than words. Images speak a common Continue reading

2015 Social Media Trends Web Designers Need to Know

2015 Social Media Trends

2015 Social Media Trends Web Designers Need to Know The social media landscape is always changing. It changes so fast that staying head of the game is a real challenge. With one quarter of the world’s population using social media, it’s in our best interest as developers and designers to stay ahead of the trends. There are several social media trends to look out for in 2015 that relate to running a website or web design business. This article will take a look at the trends that will make the biggest impact. Here is a list of things to look out Continue reading

Web Design and Modern Technology

With modern technology, you can make your website look fantastic with all of the latest plugins, JavaScript, flashing logos etc….  But, if the basic goal of your website is to advertise your product and service, then these add-ons might actually be hurting you, rather than impressing your viewers.  A basic, streamlined and easy to navigate site is much more impressive to your viewers. For example, all of your sub pages should be easily reached from your home page.  If you have three layers of pages, then the third layer (perhaps an order form) should be simply reached on the second Continue reading

Improving Your Website With Add-ons

You may think that your website is looking better than ever. Even if your site is old, you may think that  you’ve got the best one in town. But did you know that there is always a way to improve your website? Add-ons are a great way to start! The need for people to be able to communicate with your business is crucial when it comes to your web page. If you’re not providing them with enough resources to contact you, then you’re missing out on potentially valuable business opportunities. While your address and phone number are certainly important, people Continue reading

Marketing Communications

Marketing on a Budget

What we do BEST. Throughout the years, and our career paths, marketing has always played a major role in our lives. It’s the unavoidable inner-drive that says, “How can we make it bigger and better, and how can we create an identity and bring it to life?” We do not think success is the key to happiness, but rather happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. At Marketing Solutions HHI, we are proud to invest over 20 years of experience and our love for marketing into each of our client’s Continue reading