Butler’s Plumbing

Butler’s Plumbing faced a situation that we’ve seen far too often. Lackluster designers came in, and when the designer was tired of working with them, the account was deleted. Their URL, https://plumbershiltonhead-bluffton.com/, simply led to a blank page. When the owners caught on to the issue, they came right to Marketing Solutions HHI. Not only did Marketing Solutions HHI see this as an opportunity to get their site back on track again, but to offer them an attractive design that would layout friendly across all devices.

butlers plumbing

The initial phase of Butler’s Plumbing required us to make sure that their old data wasn’t lost. Using archived resources, Marketing Solutions HHI was able to recover nearly all text and URLs that were previously cached on major search engines. Prior to design, we worked to make sure that all URLs were properly redirected, and all original content was placed back on to the site.

During the design phase, we worked closely with the owners of Butler’s Plumbing to help them pick a new design that would speak to their brand. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the site connected with those looking for high-quality plumbing services in the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas. We placed social media efforts as well as the showcasing of their award-winning services at the forefront of the new design.

Today, Butler’s Plumbing has well laid out, easy to read design, compatible with every device. Additionally, we’ve made it easier than ever to reach out to Butler’s Plumbing with user-friendly contact forms.

Contact us today 843-422-5665 to see how we can help freshen up your local business website.

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