Creative Website Design For Small Business

Creative Website Design For Small Business

A properly designed website can help a small online business reach unbelievable heights. It is essential for a concern to consider few important tips for optimizing the success level of a website about to be created or reassure them for an already existing one. Here are 5 website design tips essential for small business: 1. Images speak louder than words It must be taken in to consideration during making of a website that visuals are must haves instead of overloading the pages with unimportant text. Pictures can alone speak and express thousand times better than words. Images speak a common Continue reading

Every Business needs a LOCAL Website Designer

Paige Duewel of Marketing Solutions HHI is your Local Website Designer in Hilton Head! A business that operates locally needs to think locally, and that includes the detail on your website. Thinking on a larger scale than your business operates on could be a waste of valuable time and marketing dollars. Optimized websites for local businesses should often contain localized keywords, including cities that you operate in. Your website, unless restricted by you, is visible to people around the world. Google’s dozens, possibly hundreds, of search  algorithm elements have come together to give you the chance for your site to rank Continue reading

Why Modern Web Design Matters

With consumers doing more internet research than ever before utilizing local businesses, modern web design has taken the forefront of marketing efforts for small businesses across the country. Unfortunately, a small business usually has limited resources to handle such a major undertaking. For that reason, several small business owners choose to push forward with their older designs in the hopes that their current organic rankings will keep the business afloat until such time that they have the necessary man power for redesign. This endless waiting game becomes a sinkhole for many businesses, not because your design is old, but because Continue reading

Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have a Website

Right now, someone needs your services. Right now, someone is looking online for your services. Right now, someone is finding your competition online. Right now, you’re losing valuable business opportunities. While newspaper and phone book advertising was once considered a valuable resource, the mediums by which people find us have changed drastically from less than 20 years ago. Today, the power of the world wide web has begun to take control of how people find us. But for the business that doesn’t have a web presence, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. If you’ve never had a website Continue reading

What does it Cost to run a WordPress Website?

What’s The Real Cost Of Running A WordPress Site? WordPress is a free software content management system. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost involved. There are a lot of little costs that can add up to a lot. Costs such as domain, hosting, and so forth are obvious and expected, but what about those other costs? Costs that are not always considered upfront and can cause you to spend more than you intended? What about the time it takes to learn WordPress? What is the total cost of ownership; the true and complete cost of Continue reading

Salon 5200 Gets a Makeover

Salon 5200

We recently had the pleasure of working with one of the finest Hair Salons in the Lowcountry. Salon 5200 is the proud recent recipient of the Reader’s Choice award, voted as being the finest in their industry year after year. It’s only fair that they represent that class and elegance with a proper website. When asked to review, we came to find that while the site had lots of design features to it, it was a single page website. Additionally, much of the content on the site was in the form of text. Noting that we appreciated their look, we Continue reading