Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have a Website

needsiteRight now, someone needs your services. Right now, someone is looking online for your services. Right now, someone is finding your competition online. Right now, you’re losing valuable business opportunities.

While newspaper and phone book advertising was once considered a valuable resource, the mediums by which people find us have changed drastically from less than 20 years ago. Today, the power of the world wide web has begun to take control of how people find us.

But for the business that doesn’t have a web presence, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. If you’ve never had a website before, you don’t understand the power of local search, and the power of simply placing your information online. While we all value our privacy, our business needs to be open, with information readily available to potential customers. Information is available at our fingertips with mobile technology, laptops, tablets, and even still, desktop computers.

On average, businesses that have websites drive about 40% more business PER YEAR, than those that don’t. That’s because businesses without sites have spent so much time targeting the same clientele that read the same resources. Whether you’re local or international, your business model should include a website by now, and if it doesn’t, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity.

Your business might already be listed on Yelp or some other local site, but what does that site say about you? Everything you want it to say? Probably not. The biggest difference between local sites and your own site is that you’re able to speak to your potential customers, while using valuable marketing techniques like SEO to help customers find your business through local search.

For the average small business, a need for a website isn’t always at the forefront of your priorities, but it certainly should be. If you’re looking for additional business and you aren’t imagining your own website at the same time, you’ve got to consider where technology has pushed the average consumer to look, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re already behind the ball on marketing your business for future success.

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