3 Effective Ways To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

The idea of connecting your business to social media networks is one that has gained serious importance over the last year or two. Google has already announced that they do factor in social media interaction to organic ranking algorithms. Bing often feeds in social media postings within search results. For the business that wants to take advantage of this, the idea of jumping in seems to be the right one. But if you’re not being smart about it, you could find your efforts getting lost in the mix of your competitors. Here are 3 effective ways to make your social Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Everyone knows that social media is an essential part of marketing in the digital era. How exactly to be successful at it has been a minefield of opinion, hyperbole, ignorance, and actual good advice. For those just starting out, or those who need to finally get serious about their social strategy, navigating that minefield is often a guessing game. Sometimes a “tip” or “trick” actually works; other times you just waste your time and money. In a bid to save you the time and money that others–myself included–have wasted over the last eight or so years, I’m going to spend today’s post relaying the few Continue reading

What is the ROI of Social Media Marketing?

There is little doubt of the value of social media. You can gain a lot of readers and expand your brand. All of these efforts take a lot of time, so how do you know that what you’re getting back from your efforts is worth your time? What is your return on investment? Does its gain outweigh its cost? How valuable are social media shares? Measuring ROI with a textbook answer from a traditional business environment doesn’t always work when measuring the effectiveness of a social media campaign. It is difficult to get a precise measurement of everything involved in Continue reading

Social Networking and Brand Awareness

Did you know that social networking not only offers you valuable brand awareness potential, but can have a heavy impact on your organic rankings for a variety of Google keywords? Managing your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account isn’t just about posting your offering, but understanding your social network, which only an internet marketing professional truly understands. From social media marketing to video, the masses are out there, they just aren’t looking for you. With online marketing, you take your brand and your presence and put it in front of those that are interested in your product. With targeted strategies, online Continue reading

LinkedIn is the Adult FaceBook

Social Media Marketing

As I start my day each morning, I spend about 45 minutes reviewing the e-mails I have received from my LinkedIn contacts. Some are requests to connect, some are e-mails from individuals asking questions or inquiring about my company’s services and some are from the LinkedIn groups to which I belong. I repeat the same routine in the afternoon. I regard the 90 minutes or so that I use as one of the most important exercises of my working day. Although it seems like a lot of time to spend on one social media application, it is a very productive use of Continue reading

The Top 9 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

One of the best things we can do as social media marketers is to continue our growth and share information with others. Blogs are great for this. They help us stay in touch with others like us. They help us learn from each other and they help us share our knowledge. Social media advice is everywhere. With the many choices we have today it can be difficult knowing where to spend your time and effort in learning your craft and getting the latest news and tips. For this article, I have combed the net and found 9 of the best Continue reading

Tweets from WordPress

2015 Social Media Trends

How To Schedule Tweets For Your WordPress Blog Posts The Internet sees a constant bombardment of blog posts every day. With so much to read and consume, your posts can get lost in the chatter. Blog posts can get overshadowed by the news or the next big thing that’s ‘it’ for the moment. When this happens, your post can get brushed under the carpet to never be read again. Social media is a great way to inform your readers and followers of your blog updates. One of the favorites, and most effective, is Twitter. Rather than just tweeting at any Continue reading