3 Effective Ways To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

smm facebook twitter linkedinThe idea of connecting your business to social media networks is one that has gained serious importance over the last year or two. Google has already announced that they do factor in social media interaction to organic ranking algorithms. Bing often feeds in social media postings within search results. For the business that wants to take advantage of this, the idea of jumping in seems to be the right one. But if you’re not being smart about it, you could find your efforts getting lost in the mix of your competitors.

Here are 3 effective ways to make your social media marketing strategy successful:

1.  It’s Not About Popularity, It’s About Social Interactionsmm ppl

If you’ve ever seen the opportunity to “buy” Facebook likes, it seems appealing at first. However, interaction is far more important than the number of likes you have. Those posts that get likes and shares are what draw attention from the search engines.

2.  Be Unique with your Social Media Posting, Compared to Your Competitors

Posting content that everyone else is posting isn’t going to make you stand out, which is the goal of any social media campaign. Your ideas, your offerings, and your overall business model needs to have something special. Why is your business different? What makes you better than the other guy? Why should your customers not look for another vendor? The answers to these questions needs to come out in your social media strategy.

3.  Never Stop Sharing on Social Media Channels

Even when the interaction with your social media channels seems to fall off, it’s important that you remain diligent, and continue to work on social media interaction. It’s discouraging at times, but those that remain interactive with their followers and fans will win the war.

No small business owner has the time to keep up with the needs of a winning social media campaign. Marketing Solutions Hilton Head has the knowledge, the technology and the creative ideas to bring your social media strategy to life. Contact us to see how our social media marketing efforts can work for business.

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