Salon 5200 Gets a Makeover

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We recently had the pleasure of working with one of the finest Hair Salons in the Lowcountry. Salon 5200 is the proud recent recipient of the Reader’s Choice award, voted as being the finest in their industry year after year. It’s only fair that they represent that class and elegance with a proper website.

When asked to review, we came to find that while the site had lots of design features to it, it was a single page website. Additionally, much of the content on the site was in the form of text. Noting that we appreciated their look, we decided to continue with their branding efforts and expand on a design that already had a classy look to it. The key behind this project was that the site had each element broken down to it’s own page, while we provide easy methods of contact the salon via phone, email, and on-page forms, all of which are accessible from any device.

We’re proud to bring you, refreshed. The site is responsive (aka mobile friendly). We’ve added in a contact form for people to reach out regarding appointments, pricing, etc. The page has been broken into several pages, and text is no longer in the form of images.

To add the look, we decided that one header was simply not enough. features a randomized header, loading one of 12 different header images with each refresh. The Photos page features pictures that were personally taken to make sure that new visitors know exactly where they were headed once they booked an appointment with the eloquent salon.

Finally, we wanted to accentuate the fact that Salon 5200 is a provider of major hair care brands, so we took the opportunity to add in details on just a handful of what Sheila Clark, the Owner, offers up to her loyal customers.

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