How Google Analytics can help Increase Website Traffic

google analytics graphFor the average small business, a marketing budget is something that most only dream about. That being said, where there exists an opportunity to get a free marketing tool, there exists a chance to keep up with the bigger players in your industry. Google Analytics services like Omniture and Coremetrics can often come at a price that starts at a whopping $10,000 per year. It’s for that reason that Google Analytics has become a powerhouse, especially among smaller businesses.

Most businesses that we interact with seem to be interested solely in their visits and where they’re getting traffic from, when in fact, they should be focusing on the dozens of smaller pictures within the system, and using that data to enhance the experience on their website.

But the key to unlocking the full power of Google Analytics comes with knowing how to use it. Used properly, Google Analytics can help increase your website traffic by showing local demographics, landing pages, and more. You can use this information to customize your website content and social media posts, thus increasing your online reputation.

Site Speed

While it’s not the make or break deal for ranking with your website, your site speed is part of Google’s ranking algorithm. If your tracking code isn’t implemented properly, you’ll find that this data is missing from Google Analytics.

Bounce Rate

Far too many businesses look at bounce rate from an overall perspective, when in fact there should be concentration on the source of each bounce rate, as well as the pages that could play into the issue. Additionally, many people believe that a high bounce rate is a bad thing. Truth is that new visitors from non-branded keywords are going to naturally have a high bounce rate. Additionally, a user could spend up to 3 minutes on your page and still bounce, which would also lead to a high bounce rate. This measurement needs to be adequately broken down and looked into in depth to truly see any value in it.


Tracking how users go through your site is going to help determine any flaws in your design. Ideally, you want to look for pages that would seem unusual for a user to jump off your site from and work to correct the issue. These funnels also help you understand how users navigate through your site, allowing you to make adjustments with both your user experience and navigation menus.

While even this still seems like a lot, we’ve just started to scratch the surface. Installing Google Analytics is easy. Using it to its fullest potential is the challenging part. We’re here to help.

Contact us today to see how we can help you discover areas of your site that can use improvement, or just to get started with Google Analytics.

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