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falling-money-wallpaperTime and time again, we see that the world of small business owners is being taken advantage of. With lack of knowledge in the internet marketing industry and a desire to quickly pull in internet revenue streams, business owners jump at what seems to be a valuable opportunity to create a website. With empty promises of an easy to use interface and an affordable monthly fee, businesses are sucked in one by one and their marketing dollars are literally thrown down the drain.

Sites like, wix, and others have strong SEO power, which allows them to show up for bulk keywords. They use this ranking to their advantage and charge exorbitant fees on a monthly basis. While it might seem that a monthly fee could be advantageous, for the number of updates that most small businesses do, a flat fee is much more affordable in the long run.

At Marketing Solutions Hilton Head, we believe that you need to have complete control of your website. With our flat fee, we incorporate all costs, which saves you thousands of dollars compared to the big companies. Our services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting Up to 1 Year
  • Website Design
  • Mobile
  • SEO – Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Directory Listings
  • Personal, Live & Local Support

Let’s do a little bit of math. Sites like and wix can charge upwards of $100 per month for your website depending on your needs. That works out to about $1,200 per year. If you own your site for three years, you’re paying $1800 just for some hosting! In most cases, our average charge pays for itself in that same amount of time.

wordpress-logoSites that charge you extreme fees boast about their easy-to-use dashboards and design interfaces. The fact is that WordPress, the main platform that we use was designed to be user friendly, and is constantly evolving based on user needs. Paying high fees for something that’s free in the first place is a shady practice that many of these site hosts implement.

To make matters worse, these companies are charging an ADDITIONAL $100 per month to make sure your site is mobile friendly. Every design that Marketing Solutions Hilton Head offers has the opportunity to be responsive at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Responsive design assures that your site will look good regardless of what device your site is viewed on, and is commonplace in web design today. Never, EVER pay for responsive design as an extra fee.

If you’re looking for affordable design, the flat fee program that Marketing Solutions HHI offers is going to save you hundreds, if not thousands over the life of your business. Additionally, you get all the perks of Marketing Solutions Hilton Head, including SEO, site speed optimization, page design and even blogging services that are available, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the affordability of our programs.

From simple sites for the smallest of businesses to interactive web pages designed to engage new and returning customers, Marketing Solutions Hilton Head Island has the experience, the affordability and the knowledge of small business practices that helps you get your company noticed locally, without having to charge you monthly fees that will end up potentially costing you well over $15,000 for a single website.

Please contact us for a quote and a FLAT FEE Web Development Package customized for your business!

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