The Elusive SEO Friendly URL

mshhi - seo 2An SEO friendly URL is key to your business being found on the major search engines. Your domain URL needs to be memorable, easy to say, and contain a keyword pertaining to your business.

We know there are lots of elements that come together to create complicated algorithms within major search engines. These algorithms essentially tie together several different parts of your website and allows the engine to “properly” rank your site among search results. From site speed, to content, to user engagement and everything in between, it takes a lot of time and attention to make sure that you’ve got your site in order. One thing that can have a lot of impact is the elusive SEO friendly URL.

small bizSmall businesses with older pages often have URLs that end in something like about.html or hilton.html. You get the idea, but what the user and the search engine don’t understand is what your page is about. The URLs within your site are one of the first things that a search engine uses to guide itself around your page. From building sub-folder URLs to page URLs, every word you use or don’t use can have an impact on your rankings.

At Marketing Solutions HHI, our page building comes with research. Aside from redirecting old URLs, we’ll make sure that your fresh page uses a more SEO and search-friendly approach that can give you the upper hand in ranking for important keywords that help inevitably drive your URL.

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