Using Facebook Apps to Boost Your Facebook Pages

We’re not saying that we’re absolute geniuses when it comes to developing new and innovative apps for a Facebook page. But we are saying that we know there’s some pretty good value when it comes to utilizing apps on Facebook. Often utilized only by the most active social media users, Facebook apps are add-ons that anyone can implement on their page.  While some of them are free and some of them are not, they all have a value to one business or another.

facebook_adsWhat do you see Facebook as? Simply a way to get your name out there? Something to play on during the day while you’re not busy? We look at things quite differently. Facebook presents an opportunity that no other site offers. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, doing what you can for your social media efforts is only going to pay off if you go beyond the post.

Imagine being able to pass coupons on to your customers and tell them to bring them into your store. Imagine only having to create a schedule once a month, after which your coupons dynamically update, leaving you not having to do any of the work. Even better, what if you could give your website some additional traffic simply by adding it as a tab on your Facebook Page?

There’s much more value than meets the eye to the average Facebook user, the key to unlocking that value is knowing where to start. Ideas are just the beginning.

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