Improving Your Website With Add-ons

add-onsYou may think that your website is looking better than ever. Even if your site is old, you may think that  you’ve got the best one in town. But did you know that there is always a way to improve your website? Add-ons are a great way to start!

The need for people to be able to communicate with your business is crucial when it comes to your web page. If you’re not providing them with enough resources to contact you, then you’re missing out on potentially valuable business opportunities. While your address and phone number are certainly important, people want simplicity, and they want speed. Being able to connect with your customers on these levels is going to prove valuable for any business, local or not.

Google Map Add-ons:

Adding in your Google Maps location lets people access your location from even there phone. With a simple “click” users can be redirected to Google Maps or their phone’s GPS device to help them find your location and get their foot in your door. While your address helps, the ability for a user to find your location when they’re in their car on a mobile device becomes extremely important.

Contact Form Add-ons:

If you’re simply providing a phone number and email address for your potential clients, you’re only doing half the job. Your clients wouldn’t expect half the job from you, so why make access to your business partially simple? With an established contact form, you can learn what your potential clients are looking for and get back to them quickly. Contact forms prevent users from having to enter their email application when they can reach out to you right on your site, keeping them where they can learn more about your business.

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