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customers searchingWhen searching to find a service or product, a majority of people begin and end their search online websites… Why?

The internet offers easy access to an array of shared knowledge – the good, the bad, and everything in between. While most visitors stumble upon multiple websites before they decide “this is my choice,” converting a visitor to a customer is the goal.

Adaptability is Key… Is your website Mobile Friendly? Do you have to “Pinch and Zoom”?

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Responsive websites are absolutely imperative. Having a website that can be pulled up on any device is so important; we made it the first point. We’ve all been there. You pull up a site on your phone that is not responsive, the format is messed up, and it’s difficult to navigate, so you leave it in the dust. Don’t get left in the dust!

Get a responsive website!

Communicate Your Strengths

Make your website communicate your strengths. Demonstrating the quality of your work goes a long way online. Visitors and customers don’t want to be guinea pigs; they want something accomplished that is worth their hard earned money. Show pictures of your work and use testimonials of your happy customers to ensure new visitors are comfortable when selecting your products or services.

They say word of mouth is the best form of marketing, why not make it available for everyone to see?

Always… ALWAYS – Leave an Impression

MSHHI logo red hhi no bubblesUse your knowledge as power. Since we know that customers search multiple websites before they make a decision, if you aren’t able to convert on the spot, your website needs to leave an impression.

When the time comes that a visitor has searched enough and now needs to make a final decision, you want them to think of you.

Really think what your visitors aim to accomplish, so you can integrate that into the content of your website. Find their pain points, the reasoning why they need your products or services, and tailor your website to show how you solve it the best.

Your Website is Your Priority

google-placesIf your business has a physical location, you care about the appearance and the experience your customers have while they’re there. Correct? Yes. Your website is just like your tangible location.

You want your website visitors to have a positive experience because it is a direct reflection of your storefront.

The quality, the professionalism, and the atmosphere all matter. More visitors will be reaching your website then your storefront, ten times over. Don’t let your biggest opportunity to reach new customers and gain awareness go unattended.

Your website is the liaison between new customers and your business. It is the middleman that you need to say good things about you – to them. While your website can either shut the door or seal the deal, make sure its quality reflects your company as a whole.

Your website is the face visitors see and the experience they receive. It decides whether they will be a lost lead or a new customer.

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