Your Website Needs to be Modern and Fresh!

online researchWith consumers doing more internet research now, more than ever before utilizing local businesses, modern web design has taken the forefront of marketing efforts for small businesses across the country.

Unfortunately, a small business usually has limited resources to handle such a major undertaking. For that reason, several small business owners choose to push forward with their older designs in the hopes that their current organic rankings will keep the business afloat until such time that they have the necessary man power for redesign. This endless waiting game becomes a sinkhole for many businesses, not because your design is old, but because the way people find business sites is new.

The Mobile Impact

Smartphones have paved the way for people to do research on the go. Whether they’re in a research phase or purchase phase, phone browsing at work, lunch, and even at home is often the way people find local businesses. From directions to information, the modern website design incorporates convenient ways to drive consumers to your door, while older style sites often lack the simple, yet necessary coding to get such a job done.

The Branding Impact

A small business owner knows that in order to compete, they’re business image needs to stay up to date. An old website can often have the same impact. It’s important to look at your site as an image of your brand. Old coding and design can often deter consumers looking for the best quality service in their area. While your current customer base might know just how valuable your services are, those that have yet to discover your services are simply moving on to the next guy with a better design than your business.

The Organic Impact

Google RankingsOne of the best benefits of modern web design is the ability to add endless pages without having to do all of the coding work. That being said, small business owners now have the capability to create fresh content, a major element to search engine ranking. If you’ve had the same 5 pages for the last 5 years on your website, Google, Yahoo! and Bing all consider your site “stale”. With modern web design, you can have an effective site that’s constantly changing and evolving, giving you the power to rank for both organic and local searches.

Marketing Solutions Hilton Head, Bluffton is a power player in the game of modern web design. Contact Paige today 843-422-5665 to see how we can give you fresh look, while increasing your new customer exposure.

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