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Brand Your Business!

Don’t Be Afraid To Change With The Seasons

_1 logo MS Hilton HeadThere was a time when a company’s logo was a sacred thing, never to be altered or played around with – and certainly not several times a year. Yet as tablets and Smartphones continue to change the paradigm of how people interact with businesses, those old rules of familiarity aren’t quite as cut and dry.

If Google has taught us anything, it’s that a company’s logo – no matter how iconic – can be manipulated without necessarily detracting from the brand. The search engine giant now employs an entire department of researchers, artists and programmers whose sole job is bringing new excitement to those six little letters.

Google calls them ‘Doodles.’ Recently on the 140th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Google’s logo went all-red, its crimson letters brimming over a mountain range being saluted by a Mountie in the foreground. And while it’s true that most users will have no direct connection with the RCMP, this simple, small manipulation will draw extra attention from users who can’t help but notice the change and perhaps become

This approach actually helps re-instill the logo’s properties into customer’s consciousness, which of course helps with branding. But a business owner shouldn’t feel discouraged thinking this is just a concern for the larger, iconic brands. The same psychology is still at play with smaller brands, along with the same benefits.

The point is to regularly offer something visually new, capturing the attention of users becoming too accustomed to the same old, same old. This approach also doesn’t have to involve a massive overhaul of your graphics or web layout. There are easy shortcuts that can employ the same strategy.

Many companies find success by simply inserting a ‘flag pin,’ such as a small heart around Valentine’s Day or an American flag around the 4th of July.

Remember that your online personality is a living thing. It needs to move and grow and occasionally make a statement. Otherwise it can easily get lost among the trees.

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