Do you have a Mobile Friendly Website?

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  • Do you know if your website is responsive?
  • Can you access all of your website pages without having to “Pinch and Zoom”?
  • Do you have a mobile friendly website design?

By 2016, over 10 billion web surfers will be on a mobile device… Is your website ready? If you answered “No” or “I don’t know”…

Mobile Search Devices

There’s endless lingo that gets tossed around the internet marketing world, and while it might be a bunch of jibberish to you, it makes complete sense to us. In our last post, we wrote about your site being mobile friendly. We got endless feedback with questions asking about what mobile devices sites would be friendly for. The answer in short is…all of them!

Through CSS and HTML5, we’re proud to offer responsive website design. It’s not only mobile-friendly, but it’s tablet-friendly, desktop-friendly, and friendly for any resolution that you could possibly imagine.

The idea behind responsive themes was that we could develop websites that allow your site to cater to whatever device a visitor is surfing on. Furthermore, No matter what size the browser window is on a visitor’s desktop, the theme will automatically adjust to that window!

These are exciting times, as we can help businesses in Hilton Head Island create websites that are adaptable to anyone’s web browsing device, making the impact of your brand’s website on your company’s business exponentially greater.

Is your website not so mobile-friendly? Looking to get responsive to be friendlier to everyone?

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