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sem bannerThe marketing industry is a tough one when it comes to traditional media methods. For years, large businesses have turned to online advertising as an affordable and trackable way to get their brand in front of customers. In the last five years, the biggest small businesses have taken the same route as advertising becomes less of a burden on the wallet.

One of the great things that we’ve always loved about our clients is that their sites are successful. While we can’t help much when it comes to customer service (though most of the businesses we deal with do provide that), we know that our clients have turned to us for their online solution. Our results speak for themselves. A majority of our sites rank number 1 for their respective terms. Additionally, many of our clients have received the Reader’s Choice award for being the best in their industry. Combine these two factors with a little bit of design flare, and you’ve got a marketing powerhouse that’s going to last you for years to come.

When we build sites, we think about two things: What Google wants, and what your users want. We know your site can’t be filled with keywords and still be appealing to site visitors. At the same time, we know that we need to use keywords even though the content has to be captivating for the audience. We’ve created a fine balance of design and SEO for dozens of clients, which inevitably turns to a high-ranking website that drives relevant traffic which turns into conversions.

For those that are hurting in the online marketing world, it doesn’t take a big business budget to turn yourself around. If your site is older than 2 or 3 years, you may have already lost your relevance in the Google world. Additionally, older sites have not adapted to modern technology and usability that has become so crucial in today’s online world. We’re here to help, and we’re here to make you a rock star in the online search and marketing world.

From site design to SEO to blogging, Marketing Solutions Hilton Head has a tested and proven method for getting sites to improve Google rankings for local search terms. With the right site and a little bit of sweat (on our end), we can get your business up and running for local search and Google search results in no time.

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