Keyword Targeting, Not a Strategy, an Art

keyword-targetingWe have no doubt in our minds that our clients think like several web surfers around the world. When it comes to keyword targeting, our thought is no different. It’s fairly easy to guess what keywords people are using to find businesses just like yours. However, what we’re concerned about when it comes to your business is finding the keywords that are actually going to drive revenue. To help demonstrate, we’re going to create a business called “Bob’s Plumbing”. Bob wants to make sure he attracts the right people to his page, and we’re out to make sure Bob does so. Here’s what he can expect with a variety of targeting strategies.

“Short-Tail Keywords” – The Looky Loos

If Bob simply wanted to drive traffic to his page, he could target the keyword “plumbing”. But there are a million other businesses like Bob’s that are trying the same strategy, many with a much larger marketing team than what you might have. Additionally, anyone who finds his page for the keyword plumbing is likely going to hop off quite quickly, especially if they are nowhere near Bob’s business.

“Middle of the Road” – The Researcher

If Bob’s got an interesting page with a lot of useful information, then we want to start looking for keywords like “bathtub plumbing”. These keywords are SLIGHTLY easier to rank for, but we’ll still most likely see that Bob isn’t driving that ever-important revenue to his business. Fortunately, he is creating brand awareness, just not for his target demographic.

“Long Tail Keywords” – The Buyer

When we piece together keyword strategies, we’re looking for the keywords that convert. For Bob’s sake, if his business was here in Hilton Head Island, we’d look at “Bathtub plumbing in Hilton Head Island”. This keyword is long-term, and is usually the result of someone who actually needs your services. While you’ll drive significantly lower amounts of traffic to your site, visitors that come from these types of keywords are the ones that are ready to find a business to help them with their needs.

When we start to look at refined keywords such as this example, assumption is no longer the safe route. Keyword research and targeting strategies are required at this level to truly gain insight into what potential clients in your area are really searching for.

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