How to get on Top of Local SEO

seo-local bizYour website, unless restricted by you, is visible to people around the world. Google’s dozens, possibly hundreds, of search algorithm elements have come together to give you the chance for your site to rank for a variety of keywords, depending on your niche. It’s a sad truth that businesses that operate locally want to rank for terms that are far too generic to have an impact on their local business, which is what they thrive on. Local search has become a predominant player in the world of online marketing, and it can be an effective tool when properly utilized.

A business that operates locally needs to think locally, and that includes the detail on your website. Thinking on a larger scale than your business operates on could be a waste of valuable time and marketing dollars. Optimized websites for local businesses should often contain localized keywords, including cities that you operate in.

Additionally, local search listings need to work in conjunction with your website. This means that when people are searching for keywords that you target as a local business, both your local listing and your web site show up in organic search results. This method of showing up more than once on any search result page has statistically proven that a user is exponentially more likely to visit your website and therefore discover your brand.

We’re here to help with your local marketing, from your website to enhancing your local listings.

If your business doesn’t currently have a website, it’s important to know that your online presence is going to play crucial to your success. You may not have realized it in the last several years, but now more than ever people are looking for your services through online resources. At Marketing Solutions HHI, we’ve designed dozens of websites for happy clients that have all benefited from the potential of their website. Your business is also a brand, and that brand can only be noticed if you’re connected to customers that haven’t heard of you from simple word of mouth.

If your business already has a website, we’re still happy to help you realize and achieve your full potential. For a limited time, we’re prepared to offer a FREE analysis of your current website that will hopefully show you how we can expand your impact on your local market.

Contact Paige at Marketing Solutions HHI today for a free Analysis of your local internet marketing campaigns!

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