Facebook Unveils New Graph Search

Cracked-Facebook-LogoFacebook has long been known for unleashing massive tools to enhance social media as we know it. Today, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, officially announced a service in beta called Graph Search. Based off of photos, places, interests and likes, Graph Search allows people to revisit all of the interactions that they’ve come across throughout their Facebook history.

Graph Search allows users to navigate through data that your friends have posted on Facebook, as well as data that you’ve interacted with. Example search terms include, “friends who like horror movies”, or “what retail stores are in Hilton Head Island”.

The project is by no means a small task. While Graph Search currently only allows you to search for specific things like “likes” and photos, the future of it could hold a lot of power, though it’s yet to be seen just how far it could actually go.

Once released from beta and into the real world, Graph Search will be a valuable tool for Facebook business pages. Making sure that you’re constantly interacting with you Facebook fans is going to be more crucial than ever, given that Graph Search will likely move to the forefront of the social media powerhouse, similar to Facebook Timeline.

Graph search will abide by the same privacy settings that users have implemented for their accounts already.

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