FRESH Website Content is a Must!

Fresh-ContentThe brownies that you made last night taste so sweet in the morning! But brownies fresh out of the oven are even more heavenly! The same goes for website content. When you created the content and posted it on your website, the search engines salivated. Google just loves fresh content. Now you have a beautiful webpage that ranks highly. Then, while you turn your attention elsewhere, your competition writes fresh content and your website rankings fall.

After a couple of weeks, the content Google once loved begins to taste stale.


What is the solution?

Certainly remaking a website every month is not feasible. But new content is. While Google loves new content, it also has confidence in well-established sites. So a balance between fresh and long standing is essential. Blogging can be the perfect solution for this situation. Writing a blog may take about an hour of your day. The source of your content should come from information that you already know about your business, product and service. Or you can establish yourself as an expert in your field by responding to readers’ questions.

Labeling your writing “Blogging” might sound foreign but it should be anything but. Blogging should be about 300-500 words in your own voice. It should contain your keyword as much as possible and be on a new topic, but one that is similar to the rest of the page. The best rule of thumb is to keep keyword density in your blog about 3 percent.

And as far as frequency goes, about twice a week is sufficient. The idea is to form a habit of writing and adding content to your pages so that over time you will have a wealth of information and the perfect keyword density while maintaining fresh content.

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