How to Rank for Local Search

While local search on major search engines has the power to make or break a business’ online efforts, it doesn’t have the same ranking factors as your usual website rankings. It’s easy for your ranking to change based upon several different elements that are often dependent on the user that is doing the searching.

1. Proximity on Local Search

local_search_mapThe biggest determining factor in your Google local search ranking is going to be your location in relation to the approximate location of the user. If you’re on the other side of town and your competition is right next door, you’ll ultimately be outranked.

2. Local Listing Content

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other major search engines are looking to provide valuable information. If your local listing isn’t claimed and optimized with content, you could be missing out on the opportunity to rank, simply because the search engines don’t like the lack of information that you could easily provide.

4. Categorization of Local Listings

Search engines provide categories for a majority of their local listings, which helps businesses rank for keywords that may not be contained within their business name. If your business is improperly categorized, you may be missing out on a valuable ranking factor.

3. Reviews on Local Listings

google-business-reviewsLocal search algorithms understand that a majority of people that take the time to post reviews do so with negative thought. However, they also know that a business with all bad reviews shouldn’t rank at all. Having a mix of review activity often proves beneficial to local search ranking.

4. Website Listing on Local Search

A local search listing without a website can often leave users with nowhere to go. Your own SEO efforts on your site, as well as the ability to provide informational value only adds to your local search rankings.

Ultimately, claiming your local listing and making sure your content both within the listing and on your website are going to be key efforts in obtaining a better ranking for local search. Content is still king, even if local search results are only a simplified version of your own website.

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