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1 love wordpress-bannerYou’ve probably seen countless pages that use WordPress for their website platform. The fact is that in an ever-changing world of technology, it’s easy for your older website to get lost among the millions out there that have decided to go with WordPress’ open-source technology for both designing and maintaining their website. There are several reasons behind the movement, and each business owner has their own insight.

WordPress is User Friendly

Unless you know code, it’s often difficult to edit files on the fly. With WordPress, designers and business owners alike have a platform that’s easy to navigate, while those who need to make minor changes or blog updates no longer need to know any coding to get the job done. At the same time, the designers (us!) love the flexibility of the platform that allows us to adapt to your needs as a business owner.

Blogging with WordPress

Most people know that content is king, and the right way to help generate any significant amount of buzz behind your product or service is through blogging. With WordPress, you don’t need to create endless new pages with their own set of code. What’s better is that you can create blogs from your mobile device using the WordPress app. While we can’t say the same for the design side of things, it’s nice to know that when your site is complete, you’ll have all the access you need to change your site’s content as you see fit.

WordPress is Adaptable

Code technology changes all the time. With the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, it’s important to have a platform that can adjust on the fly as needed. With WordPress, the open-source rights allow developers to make changes quickly, which allows your business to stay on top of the game for communicating with your potential clients.

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