How Niche Marketing Can Help Your Business


The foundation of America is in the small business. The world is your oyster. Do those two statements sound grandiose and a bit overwhelming for your “little” small business? Well, yeah, they are.

When marketing your business, think niche marketing.

You don’t need the whole pie. You just need your slice of it. The tricky part is figuring out which slice you would like and then target those key words in all of your writing on your website.

Each page on your site can target a different keyword or a couple of different key words. For example, the site contains the specific pages “bath remodeling”, “kitchen remodeling” and “renovations.” Each of these pages contains the key words associated with that page. So, on the page “bathroom remodeling” the content focuses on these two words. The page has at least a 3% key word density. Because the page is specifically about bathroom remodels instead of a larger category like renovations, or an even larger category such as “real estate” or “construction” the wording can specifically target the slice of pie the page is about: Bathroom remodeling.

Meta tags are also an important element of a webpage. These tags are not seen by the casual web surfer. They are included after the <head> tag and before the </head><body> tags. Meta tags include <Title> <Description> <Keywords> and others. The Title tag is picked up by Google and most other search engines as the line that is shown on a search results page in bold. Many search engines will put the beginning of your description in their description of a page, but this is not always a case. Often the wording that the search engine displays changes depending on the search term the user input. The keyword tag is relevant to search engines to let them know what to expect on the page. But don’t be fooled, “content is king.”

The best SEO practice is good content. Your website must be interesting to the reader. The search engines are advanced these days and can read “almost” as a human does. It can decipher what your site is about so if your keyword tags are attempting to rank for toilets but your site is about sinks, Google will know!

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