The Trifecta of Internet Marketing

There are lots of pages out there that focus on specific channels to help with one element of internet marketing or another. The problem that most small businesses will find with these service providers is that their services are astronomical, even out of budget range. For the business that needs a boost, there’s a need to make sure that you’ve got three basics covered in terms of growing your online presence.

Web Design

IMG_4208No matter how much of a presence you have on social media, local listings, and other resources, you need to have some sort of culmination. Your website is the ultimate landing source for every other channel that you utilize to grow your business. Without an effective web design that professionally represents your brand, your other efforts may come up fruitless.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Internet Marketing
Those who think that their search engine rankings are going to come with having a website are in for a tough mistake. When we talk web design, we talk about creating a site that’s appealing to visitors both old and new, which encourages them to surf around and learn more about your business. When we talk SEO, it becomes a matter of using that design and combining it with unique and effective content, as well as other elements to improve how your site is crawled by major search engines.

Social Media Marketing

smmSocial media is an effective channel to get your brand out. It’s also a way to effectively communicate with customers both old and new. Those who ignore or leave their social media channels dormant are losing out on potentially valuable traffic. While sites like Facebook and Twitter are not known for creating conversions, they are a way to create awareness around your brand and your business. Given the potential access you have to users, the affordable marketing strategies behind social media are almost invaluable.

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